‚ÄčAs long as I can remember I have been fascinated by all sorts of musical instruments. I've spent many years trying to master a few and have turned a head or three in the process. I also tend to record like a squirrel hoarding chestnuts. Sometimes for fun, sometimes for film, songwriters, or multi-media. I often said long ago that I "specialize in non-silence" and find that still holds true. I am a LISTENER where music is concerned in that the need to be "entertained" is second to experiencing something cathartic or reflective and ultimately try to approach my own music and sound art in that mindset. 

There are a few samples in the mp3 player on this page if you are so inclined to test drive some of these recordings. Within the playlist are two cover versions that kind of sum up the dichotomy of my styles and tastes. The Ramones and The Flamingos. Dig? I would recommend earbuds for listening so that the bass can be heard but I digress. Note too that there is an ENTIRELY NEW CD's worth of tracks on the OFR(IVBN) page should you REALLY care to indulge in some adventurous listening.

To listen to "Oddly Furnished Rooms (In Very Bad Neighborhoods" in 6 sonic chapters, CLICK HERE

"So why painting? And at this point in your life?"

Being gifted a set of paint brushes a few years back was a real life and game changer after 30 years of performing music. Consequently my creative curiosity is engaged more than ever. In reality I'm too far upstream to look back, edit, polish or try to white wash any of it (unlike the standard curriculum of American History, for instance) and believe the newest creations are often the best. But then again, most artists do. Hopefully there is progress on all fronts.

Having created for years what has been described as "filmic" or "visual music" I found that painting cemented that more than ever and that I actually went through what might be called writer's block, but was actually a strange chrysalis where utilizing standard music theory was of no use whatsoever. Painting abstractly encouraged even more avant garde sound. Thus the aforementioned "OFR(IVBN)".

There will be more formal and organized presentations of my art and photography on this site in the near future. There will also be more products for sale, just for ol' jolly, through my online stores at Zazzle.



Thanks for checking in. I look forward to creating more!




  • Bedroom Is A Tomb1:43
  • Here Today, Gone Tomorrow3:40
  • Monongahela Blues0:42
  • I Only Have Eyes For You4:12
  • 122 BPM in "A"2:21
  • Siduri's Theme1:51
  • She Still Sleeps Here4:54

Instrumentalist. Painter. Photographer. New Jersey, USA